Minor changes

  • @bozaah is now the maintainer.

Minor changes

  • Internal changes only including swapping paste0() for sprintf() and redocumenting.

  • Update WORDLIST.

Minor changes

  • Tidy documentation.

  • Format headings in README and Vignette.

  • Updates {vcr} cassettes for latest {weatherOz}.

Minor changes

  • Ensure that all checks are passed

  • Updates {vcr} cassette

  • Updates WORDLIST

Major changes

  • Introduce extract_patched_point() to get SILO Patched Point station data from the nearest station(s) to a given set of geographic coordinates.

  • Introduce extract_data_drill() to get SILO Data Drill interpolated data from a given set of geographic coordinates.

Minor changes

  • GRDC Agroecoregions geopackage file is reduced in size by reducing the complexity through, r rmapshaper::ms_simplify(aez, keep = 0.1, keep_shapes = FALSE)

  • Internal GRDC Agroecoregions object uses the same simplified GPKG and is saved using “xz” compression to save more file space.

  • Use {roxyglobals} for tracking global objects in the package in a tidier fashion.

Major changes

  • All functions related to retrieving or extracting data are now prefixed as extract_noun().

  • Revert using internal data as geopackage, use in examples but use .Rda internally.

  • Add support for extracting weather data from the NASA POWER database, extract_power().

  • Move from {cropgrowdays} to {weatherOz}, this allows for more flexibility in the queries that can be performed in SILO. {cropgrowdays} only supports APSIM data returns, {weatherOz} supports the full compliment of SILO data options.

  • Use a named list of latitude and longitude input values rather than a data.frame. To help users, a new function, df_to_list() has been added so that the workflow disruption can be minimised.

  • Any objects returned are a data.table, aligning with {weatherOz}.

  • Enhanced tests.

  • Add ability to manage DAAS soil order cache.

  • Add ability to download DAAS soil order data but not cache locally (default behaviour now).

Bug fixes

  • Remove several Warning messages when performing {sf} operations.

Bug fixes

  • Fixes bug where external data would load, but tests were not passing.

Bug fixes

  • Fixes bug where data wasn’t properly loaded or documented for the aez object.
  • Download and locally cache soils data for major soil order classifications to reduce package size.
  • Add an example to vignette that illustrates how to import and create an object in a pipeline.
  • Initial release.
  • Added a NEWS.md file to track changes to the package.